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Investors and partners


Yung Bleu
Busta Rhymes
Steve Rifkind
Record Exec
Business Consultant


The system is broken, but not irreparably — THE HUSL is the music industry’s solution. THE HUSL is using blockchain technologies to radically reorganize the entire international music economy and prioritize the industry’s key players: the creatives and the fans.

Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, are challenging national banking systems in the same way THE HUSL is confronting the institutional giants of the music industry:  both blockchain and THE HUSL are deconstructing deep-seated, centralized systems of power through transparency, diversification, and grassroots transactions. 

Welcome To The MEtaVERSE


Public Sale 1.2%
Team 17.5%
Advisors/artists/Cont... 11%
Private sale Pool 9.5%
Operations/Development 16%
Vault/treasury 18%
Liquidity provision 15%
Bug Finding 2.5%
Events/Concerts/Promotions 4%
Legal 2.3%


Q2 2021

Token Pre-Sale/IDO
Website Goes Live
Major Artist NFT Drops
«Experience» NFT Drops

Q3 2021

Secondary MarketPlace
Cross Platform Royalties
Fiat Payment Gateway

Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Proposals/Governance DAO Decentralized Curated NFT Marketplace
Q2 2022


Varun Bajaj
Varun Bajaj
Chief Executive Officer

Defi | NFT Advisor with over 8+ years as a Real Estate Attorney. Cryptocurrency OG since 2013. Humble DEFI farmer searching for the best yields across all blockchain ecosystems since 2020.. Survived MT Gox, Walton Chain’s 2017 twitter mishap, and various rug pulls. Passionate about creating a project that will make the NFT crypto community proud.

Sapphire Adizes
Sapphire Adizes
Acquisitions/Content/ Production

Award-winning saxophonist, composer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Garnered 150+ million plays on Spotify and 40+ million views on YouTube for his musical performances, productions, and compositions. Owner & operator of world class recording studio & multi-facility complex, that houses & rents to A-list artists/producers. Produced for and collaborated with best selling artists & major labels across multiple genres/markets.

Carrie Miller
Carrie Miller
VP Logistics

CDO/Virtual/Online Business Manager - Carrie has an MBA in marketing along with 20+ year career in entertainment industry, event planning and creating fully integrated online business platforms/stacks using e-commerce and e-marketing systems for fiat and crypto.

Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez
Head of Business Strategy

20+ years as a Vice President in the financial industry leading teams focused on business development, wealth management, customer experience, and performance growth. Extensive network of influencers, music artists, and financial professionals. Change Management Certification. Participated in multiple Six Sigma projects.

Matthew Schellhas
Matthew Schellhas
Head of Liquidity Provision & EconoMetrics

Commodity Trader For An NFA IB. Institutional Rep For Alternative Investment BD. Passed Requisite Exams I-III for Chartered Market Technician(CMT) Designation. Served As Chief Risk Analyst For Digital Currency Market-Maker. Long Time ETH Hodlr & Participant In 2016 DAO ICO. Matthew is also a classically trained pianist, composer and a Fan of Hip Hop Music.

Vilen Rodeski
Vilen Rodeski
UX Designer

Designer Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience building products and leading teams. Currently a Senior UX Designer at PayPal. Previously co-founded Cake.co, Director of Design at SmugMug.

Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright

Full-Stack Developer & Digital Currency Markets Veteran. Python, Solidity, smart contracts, oracles NodeJS, Assembly etc.

Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez

Application Architect at Accenture working on an automation platform and client integrations.
- Principal Architect and Developer at System9 working on automated trading platform. Fan of Hip Hop Music.


We are a NFT platform focused solely on reshaping the music industry. Our aim is to empower artists to take full control of their work, removing as many intermediaries in the process. Think of us as a new record label.

88 percent of music revenue goes to non artists. By the time the creator produces music, it can take month or years for them to get the money they are owed. Not to mention the bulk of the revenue goes to everyone but them. That is appalling and something NFTS can radically fix.

The HUSL token is a utility token that powers the entire HUSL ecosystem. Users can stake their tokens on the platform to earn Bags. This is a token based on polygon and will allow users to redeem for cool nfts/ experiences. Every week,
Something new will be dropped, allowing our loyal users to be rewarded

In addition $HUSL token holders will be allowed to vote on new music drops, enter competitions, get invites to exclusive events, and so much more

We love discovering new talent and giving opportunity to those around the world! We encourage you to enter our $HUSL competitions that we will regularly throw based on genre.

Our first one will be rap focused but we will do others. Stay tuned for more information