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To disrupt the world of music, art, sports and movies by creating a decentralized Web 3.0 company and virtual Metaverse – The HuslVerse


The original mission of The HUSL was to inspire artists to create and distribute their best works by combining Music & Digital Art with decentralized finance and NFTs. While this still remains one of the values we’re devoted to, the vision of HUSL has extended far beyond the music market.

The growth of the HUSL concept has been aligned with increased awareness about NFTs and their potential applications and adoptions. It has also become clear that our true mission is not only about facilitating a more efficient exchange of digital music but also creating a decentralized forum for digital content creators and users as a whole.

That is how the idea of ‘HuslVerse’ emerged. The name represents an abbreviation made from “The HUSL Universe”, a concept created as a 3D, web3.0 exhibition space and interaction environment dedicated to digital art, content creators, the DEFI community and gamers.